Nikki Awesome Video Still from YOU SAY (It Was Supposed to Be)

Raised on a strict diet of diamond shards and sugarfree champagne, nikki awesome was born from the pop-cultured delusions of a posh ex raver’s neon spinal tap.  Melodic synth-pop juxtaposed by lyrics bred in the brain of a self-confessed impermanance addict, Miss Awesome’s style stretches elastic from electro to hiphop.

hyper2Between a permanent state of adolescence fueled by a love of music and too many late nights in the fashion industry, Nikki Awesome initially instigated her installation as an F-list Toronto socialite and DJ; turning up at all the wrong parties in all the right outfits.

While making public appearances with a troop of naughty girl scouts, Nikki met Die Mannequin’s Care Failure, who spun and pointed her in the direction of How To Kill Music, EMI Publishing and WARNER MUSIC CANADA, and Nikki Awesome signed with Warner Music to release the hit singles You Say (It Was Supposed To Be) and All The Little Thingswhich gained her her mainstream pop chops with national Top 10 and 20 listings respectively.

nikkipoliteSince her signing went public in August, 2008, Nikki Awesome has earned accolades from some of the most respected minds in Canadian music and abroad.  Salman Rushdie is her latest and greatest fan, but when pressed, she’ll add ANGIE BOWIENew Order and Carole Pope of the inimitable and incredible ROUGH TRADE to the list.

Nikki Awesome currently curates her own delivery to a devoted following; The Royal Society MySpace account counts over 540,000 plays (though it is virtually never maintained), While her personal YouTube account logs just over 43,000 views, YouTube counts over 90,000 hits to the official video for You Say (It Was Supposed To Be) and over 950,000 views to PERIOD DRAMA, her most recent appearance in a short film, although she writes and produces evolving content for TOTLLYAwesome TV, including a six-part comedy series currently being refined.

You can find Nikki Awesome sipping champagne in the same places you found her before.

Only now it’s called slumming.

For booking information and availability on Nikki Awesome and DOLLS, contact Wavelength Public Relations on 020 7549 2863 or email totllyawesomeTV@gmail.com











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