Life + Times

Just a side effect, a pure formality

Will this formaldehyde preserve a side of me

And the visions blur into a pixelscreen

All the lighting shifts from friend to enemy?

All the drugs we did are like preservatives

From when we didn’t see a single consequence

Always on the run from every smoking gun

Do a double take to make the day more fun

And I don’t think we’re thin enough yet

And I don’t think it’s been enough yet

This pulse is still beating, I’m bleeding again, And it keeps on repeating

Always something to seethe about

Always something to scream out loud

Another  influence another infamous another incident

Who got you into this?

Can you not commit without the pinch of guilt

For all the love you’ve lost and all the milk you’ve spilt?

In the minutes as the clock is ticking down

A sticky second hand makes every moment sound

Like every symphony you are a sin for me

And I am into me, but only in between

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