(Everybody wants a date
With a singer anyway
Everybody Wants a song
Featuring their little name
Baby this is what you get
Cos the lady don’t forget
I hope you like this little tune
Sitting lonely in your room)

You do it every time better and better

People all look and say “isn’t he clever, Isn’t he lucky to fetch a top bidder,”

Didnt know he was so much of a quitter
He made the most effort till the effort outweighed
Pleasure to have you till your welcome outstayed;
I should be madder man really outraged
But this is my soapbox this is my stage
Oh, I’m never that nice
So why’d you think that I would ever deny my moment to be satisfied
& Tell the world about a really great guy
Oh, so, this is your song, does it kill you a little when your friends sing along?
So generous gentle this general gentleman;
built like mount everest what a fine specimen actually now that we’ve parted our ways
my memory edits out all the dull days
So I forget what an arrogant man
Would come and expect me to do all I can
to pay the attention and play like I can’t be living without him – baby I am
You asked me to write every now and again
I tried to comply but I poisoned my pen
Hope this will do now our time at an end;
You can think of me while the hooks sung by your friends

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