Misty eyed missing the way that you made me amazing
without dedicating the time
Guess you were just there to save me
and maybe I walked around faded most of the time
Thank you for letting me know I was special
I could have easily have gone my whole life
Without an accurate expert appraisal
I might not ever have realized
Better half – you can have it
Keep it secret – like your habit
I was sleeping through the movie
Now you want to be credited through me
I didn’t know it was all for my benefit
till you were kind enough to explain
I had a feeble belief in succeeding
and you were the needle to inoculate
Thank you for praising me to the public
That’s very generous of you to say
I’m very flattered I’ve kept up your interest
After how much you’ve invested in me
I could not have been; no, not possibly.
All these moments are your stolen property.
Thank you awfully, for the pain that inspires me over and over again.

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