I’ve seen your face before

I’ve got the magazine

I Love your hips – lips dipped in Vaseline

I love that sickness makes you bolder

I love the victim in the soldier

Monday they’re on the runway. Sunday they’re on the street

Someday they’ll be a one-day one-hit wonder has-been

And thogh the seasons change, these bitches look the same

Where is McQueen when you need him, somebody need to say

Fashion Tragedy but actually the make believe it making

Active atrophy demanding:

“I want my candy,can we?”

I read the interview, ’cause I’m so into you

And they don’t understand, but baby we do

And all the glossies’ gotcha on top – you’re getting face-time please don’t stop

C’mon flex that Anorex-I-C whatcha tryin’a be

And I bet my Timex, your time’s up, Tragedy

But let’s take our time now that the timeout’s in the post

Let’s watch the parasite paralyze the pretty host.

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