Why do I care anything about you?

I’m guaranteed better off without you
You’re on my mind every time
I doubt you ever even think of anything profound, dude
You had the picture that made me say
“Mister, I miss you in every way”
Blisters from kissing so far away
No time to play
We had the history to easy
So easy that you could just walk away
I wish that I could feel the same
Oh so unscathed
Now Now I’ve got to remember I’m not you
Thought you were sly but it looks like they caught you
Now all the pieces are falling in place
Fallout is all I can’t seem to erase
Said you would subtly play your games
Man to man, damn, you manipulate!
Seeing you sat in that sorry state
Snapped me awake
Now that you’ve had every luxury
You could obtain by just draining me
I could complain, but it’s fine you see,
You were the fantasy
Now Now I don’t know anything, but,
You showed your colors a little too much
So post-production drama eruption
Act like you’re fine when you really don’t function
You were my only
But you don’t own me
Now that it’s solely me
See you’re lonely

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