You’ve got me so excited I can’t even sleep

Is this a windup for the Heartbeat on my sleeve

Is it time now that we find out if it’s something more or time out

It’s a crime if we dont climb out of these passenger routines

It’s not fine it’s not fair if you’re trying to keep quiet

if you don’t/if you do if you want me, tell the truth

Do you wanna be one on one w me

Is it just a bit of fun with me

I dont do this “sit and wondering”

Do you wanna be one on one with me

You said the right words at the right time all along

But I’m not sure you didn’t hear them in a song

And you seem to be so into me, so isn’t it the time to see if I’m for you potentially

Instead of playing hide and seek?

We don’t need definitions

But these inhibitions

Definitely – just not for me

I like you, babe, but

I’d like to say:

Just man up, stand up

Hands up – either way

One thought on “ONE ON ONE

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