Imagine my shock at the urgings of several individuals (who shall remain unnamed as a testament to my ongoing selfcenteredness) to start writing a blog.. Like, really though. Without a doubt it will be pages upon pages of “hate her. hate him. me. me. me.” Apparantly, to most of my minions, this was a selling feature.

To set the stage, this D-list celebutard makes music almost for a living (being a Canadian artist and all without a rock record licensed for bad action movies), having lived the life of unemployed and fabulous for several years and gaining noteriety in the “scene” (puke) of Toronto’s “club-land”?

As an interjection to my introduction, I have to let you know –> I find this whole “scene” thing really inadequate and inappropriate in describing what I am about.. I mean, when I think of “scene kids” I think more of twee postironic clothing on people with little personal taste in music or art competing for equally bland heirarchical positions in a cultureless social economy. So yeah, it irks me a little to be described as a scenester or whatever. I mean, I came up at a time where I rocked digable planets, cross colours and ewings till the tween almost-missed-nirvana post grunge stuff, then got into going to raves and somehow bypassed the whole getting-political-making-a-zine thing in favor of starting to rap over bad techno, But so did a lot of people. Probably pretty common, but I suppose it’s all about what papers you appear in. But, darlings, I digress to bite the hand that feeds me empty calories…

And now in contradiction to everything I’ve just posted — hello, welcome to my dollhouse — my review of CiRCA’s Boxing Day Bonanza. I don’t mind CiRCA. Usually there are 4 or 5 attractive people there, so it’s palatable in comparison to most of the other clubs in Toronto — however, there’s nothing like a trip to um… hmmm ANYWHERE to make you realize how it all really adds up (more on this later).

CiRCA – DJ Sneak — and a bunch of other semiboring DJS.

Ok DJ Sneak – Here’s the thing.. i came to hear you, and I gotta say.. I really wasn’t feeling the track selection. I was kind of hoping for something a little dirtier.. it just seemed all so Treble Clef? Where was the BASS??? In fairness, I couldn’t dance as I was wearing 6 inch stilettos with a stack and the booth section was full of NE PAS – but please, next time, more dirty house, please.

The funny thing is I’m not really a big “DJ person” or whatever. Like I know if there’s someone I want to hear, like Carl Cox or Nick Bridges, Green Velvet or Daft Punk, Dj Assault etc etc etc.. But generally I don’t really care about who’s spinning as long as it’s not bullshit. That being said, I can kind of understand when people all want to go and see a particular DJ… But is it just me or do most people just want to flock to see A FAMOUS PERSON, ANY FAMOUS PERSON djing a bunch of shitty music they wouldn’t tolerate from anyone else? Same with those lame “meet the people from THE HILLS” parties. However, come to whatever party you have to pay 50$ at to see me because I am fabulous, honey.

The Mirrorballroom was a fucking DISASTER in my opinion. Sorry to the DJs who actually had some pretty good track selection, but kept mixing out before it dropped — I HATED YOUUUU SOO MUCH. WTF is that shit?! Yeahhh Okaaaaay I get it, you have Sean Paul’s INFILTRATE, Snoop, Biggie, House of Pain…whatever… but if you don’t give me some chorus on I MISSED THE BUS right now I am fucking DONE with you.

On that note,


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