Before I went into studio last night I basically performed surgery on my iTunes playlist — everything old is out, everything old is in. I had been going through cd’s in my house hoping for a sudden influx of NEW MUSIC to no avail (Warner and EMI had better work their give-me-music-magic), and I found myself uploading a ton of GRUNGE (which I’m sure you are totally shocked about, right), which made me think about TOP TEN FORMATIVE YEARS ALBUM LIST. WOAH RUN-ON SENTENCE.

Are you ready?

1.  TIE: Nirvana – Nevermind/Nirvana – In Utero

2.  Hole – Live Through This

3.  Salt-N-Pepa – Very Necessary

4. TIE:  Smashing Pumpkins – Siamese Dream/Radiohead – The Bends

5.  Madonna – Something to Remember

6.  Pulp – Different Class

7.  No Doubt – Tragic Kingdom

8.  Blur – The Great Escape

9.  Ben Folds Five – Whatever and Ever Amen

10. Aphex Twin – Richard D. James Album

One thought on “Everything Old is In.

  1. Funny thats almost everything in my iTunes playlist. Nirvana, Hole, the pumpkins, radiohead… and of course i got soundgarden and pearl jam as well. Ah oldies but goodies. its like soup or a warm cup of coffee , you have to go back to it once in awhile.

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