here’s a little excerpt from my facebook feed on what everyone has to say about it. It all started with me saying that it implies our work as songwriters, singers, producers, musicians is devalued by giving away music for free…

Vaneska Gronowski at 1:14pm March 23

it does not imply that at all. the music industry is evolving, and unless record labels adapt, they will be cut out of the picture all together. musicians no longer need to go through a label to become successful (e.g. tours, endorsements, commissions). they are sharing their music directly with fans. that’s pretty groundbreaking. there are other ways other than selling records to make money. selling records never made that much money for the artist (but tons for the label) anyways.

Nikki Awesome at 3:45pm March 23

tomato-tomato. there are tons of artists who won’t see a penny either way, and like my friend stacey mentioned, we all know whose pockets will continue to be lined. If people are going to d/l they should just d/l illegally the way they have been forever. you can’t expect people to have some kind of remorse NOW that everything is free and go out and pay some 5$ bullshit fee — you know it will 99% probably just be the same people who paid for shit on itunes who will be subsidizing it for the same people who always downloaded shit illegally.

i think it definitely depends on how you want to look at it. if the fans like the artist and want the artist to continue to be able to afford to make music, they should support the artist by paying for the music.

Stacey McLeod at 5:11pm March 23

I interviewed some CEOs on the issue last week. If labels can monetize free digital downloads, they’ll still exist and ensure that great Canadian bands like Nickelback are discovered and nurtured. Free downloads don’t address discovery issues, and smaller artists will see as much return as they see from Socan radio royalties… which is nothing, because the stations are owned my media companies and labels who own the radio playlists and give us more Nickelback. Just like radio playlists are controlled and radio sucks,the free music pushed out via cell phones will be the same (think Virgin Radio) and we’ll still have to sell CDs at shows and play live to eat. I think it’s karma for the labels. Give crap, you get crap. I also don’t think the public should be forced to pay blanket license fees so they can do it, opt-out or not. The public pays so many fees to Socan without realizing it (like every time someone buys a blank CD, flies Air Canada or gets married)

Ziggy Majewski at 5:26pm March 23
I agree with van , if your a solid artist you will make money on tours and merch , if you are great and stay true to what you do .

plus making music should not be about money , should be a extension of what you want to put out and if your a musician trying to make a living off your music .

might as well be jd fortunes roomate

hope the indie labels thrive and the majors burn

Stacey McLeod at 5:38pm March 23

me too!


Dan Tract at 4:43am March 24

making money from touring without (at least initial) tour support from a label is pretty soul-destroying and back-breaking. massive bands like guns n roses made their money from record sales, not touring. i can see why an artist would want to make money from slaving away over something in a studio for months on end. i also feel that, in the long run, if people are not making money from record sales at all then there will be less money to make records in the first place, which will then lead to more poorly/cheaply-produced records.

to say that a band can survive as a live act is true for bands like metallica or foo fighters or coldplay who have colossal production values and can amp up ticket prices a shit ton. but new musicians can’t do that.

it seems to me that the best way to make money at the moment is to license your songs to tv idents and programmes like skins or gossip girl. and hey, i’d love to hear nikki’s music on an episode of skins/hollyoaks/eastenders.

Nikki Awesome at 9:34am March 24

oh my god. if i got on eastenders or corrie st i’d die and go to minge heaven.

can you imagine… me in roy’s rolls!?

did you ever think life should be this grand!?

yeah, i feel like it’s all well and good to say “music should be about x and not y”, but how is the average indie artist capable of paying for increasing production costs if it’s not at least offset a little bit by the return? studio time is not going to get freer, even if tracks do, so again, i feel it devalues our work.

also, i think we are looking at a whole new generation of people who have never had to pay for music (not even in that “I d/lded it but now the guilt is making me buy the album because i like the artist” afterthought kind of way) so they don’t really understand the (physical, emotional AND monetary) costs of making a record is what you pay for when you’re buying an album. you can’t, for the most part, expect that they will look at it with anything less than the expectation of more free stuff.




I think it’s ridiculous to expect people to do something for free for the privelage of being noticed for being good at it. it’s like the way they give out participation ribbons now to every kid who ever sucked at track and field. it upends the whole idea of there being a clear winner — and guess what, kiddies, one day you’ll wake up and realize that in the REAL WORLD, there is nobody coming along to give you a bright shiny ribbon just for showing up.

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