Backstage Bitch

Backstage Bitch

What a weekend.


Burlington on Friday night at ZU Bar, which was fun, fun, fun till i almost drowned in a bottle of Pinot Grigio (do the math, suckers) and found myself in a Tim Horton’s on the edge of civilization at 4 am. Woke up at 9 to get ready for the drive to Montreal where we played SEVEN Nightclub – apparantly the place Lady Gaga etc was kicking it before The Fame and whatever. So again, the Lady Gaga thing is still haunting me. Almost punched everyone who came into my sightlines for the whole day, The Queen Was Not Amused.

Montreal was dope, killed a lot of Cristal and a lot of Goose. So it’s not just fake and for music videos haha. Met a lot of cool people in Mtl, and a couple of creepy people who somehow found out where I was staying ummm weird. Thank god for security haha. 

Check this girl Nicole I met on Saturday, she was dancing at the front of the stage and we chatted a bit later, her weekend wins the properly mental award. If I had known the story I would have demanded she drink with us. But, hindsight, right?


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