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There have been some rumours of another video hitting MuchMusic?

Unemployed and Fabulous, I didn’t take you for buying into the gossip pages! This is how rumors get started! YES, we are working on the next video with a very talented team. It’s going to be very design heavy with lots of colour this time. So don’t start thinking you know us from the last one, we live to switch it up.
I have been working really closely with my amazing designer from Black Circle Industries to get some concepts out of my brain and turned into clothing. Lately I’m loving kind of a royal-industrial-bondage kind of a look. Does that even make sense? *laughs* We’re probably over the period costume thing. Like, we don’t want to be “the band that does the 1940’s thing”. We’re cool with letting Katy Perry have that scene. *Laughs* We want to switch it up a little bit and we like stuff that’s maybe a little bit more obviously DIFFERENT… Though I would LOVE to do some kind of Dangerous Liasons kind of costuming down the line. I think Bloke and Breeze would look dope in those men’s garters and fluffy wigs. *laughs* We like costumes and illogically structured garments, so you will probably see some more of that in our next video.

Can we get a hint of the storyline for the video?

Now, if I told you, it wouldn’t be a secret, would it!? We like to keep our videos under wraps until they drop… some X FILES shit! Multiple scripts! Need-to-know storyboarding!

What is the next single? Where can we hear it?

The next single is called ALL THE LITTLE THINGS. It’s kind of a stalker’s anthem. *laughs* Sort of like The Police’s “I’ll Be Watching You“, but it’s about hot girl who seems a little bit crazy.. Maybe following you home or something and you can’t decide if it’s really sexy or really scary. It’s a lot darker than the first single but it mixes in well with our club set, which is high energy pop offset by 90’s freestyle and rap. We have been performing this sound for the last year, onstage we’re like RUN DMC mixed with AQUA right now, so it’s a lot of fun to perform.

I’m really excited about the new single, it’s the first time I have written a song as an actor.. So it was really written about this character, rather than an experience I had myself. I remember the night we wrote it I was like “Ummm I don’t know if i can actually put this out.” Recording it was a bit creepy.. Like I kind of felt a bit like Hannibal Lector in the sound booth. *Laughs* I think it was really a jumping off point for some of our newer material and definitely set the tone for some of the stuff we are recording for the upcoming release…

Where can the Royal fans catch you live in the near future?

We have been playing clubs all over the GTA and in Quebec, and have a bunch of dates coming up. St Catherine’s at White Haut on April 17th, an appearance (sorry, not a performance!) at Rockwood in Toronto on April 20th, Oshawa at Big Sexy on the 25th of April as well as an all ages show at the same venue on the 8th of May. Also just booked Halifax for June, so you can check the myspace for all dates for the summer as we’re adding new dates all the time.

Are you single? Taken? Complicated?

*Laughs* I love that status. “It’s Complicated”. I feel like we’re all going to look back on that in a few years and be all “it was SOOOO facebook. So 2007.”
It’s really difficult to have a relationship while working so hard on music. You’re basically running from studio, to soundcheck, to show, to the hotel, to the next venue. It doesn’t leave a lot of room for candlelight and violins. Being THE GIRL in the group means I have two big blockers – I mean BROTHERS *laughs* so it’s lucky if guys even get to talk to me after a show or when we go out! I definitely date, but usually it’s almost like a kiss-n-run kind of a thing for me. Probably why musicians all date each other! *Laughs* Its hard to return a text when you’re dealing with labels and producers and being places on time, so I usually get in trouble for being a bit unavailable..

Current Celebrity Crush?

OOH There are so many to crush on! Can I just list a bunch? I have my different levels of crush. Like there’s the full on “OMG YOU ARE SO HOT”, like my Leo DiCaprio, James McAvoy, Mos Def or Jim Sturgess. Andre 3000 and Josh Hartnett are big ones for me because they’re vegetarians. Then you have the total talent crushes, like James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem, Kanye, Trent Reznor, Ryan Gosling. Then there are just people that you want to hang out with, like Quincy Jones, Trey Parker, Charlie Kaufman. The list goes on!

What does a guy have to do to get a date with you?

Ok this has got to be good… *thinking* Well, I think most girls are into the grand gestures.. They might not admit it, but all girls love that shit secretly… It also helps if the guy is hot and interesting. And fashionable.

I HATE the whole thing where guys act like they are being clever by being sarcastic instead of witty. To be honest it just makes me think you’re charmless and boring. Socially inept. So yeah. Don’t be a jerk. Be charming, make grand gestures. I like to go out and DO SOMETHING. Something DATEY. Showing up with flowers and stuff is optional, but I’m so down for getting picked up, going out and doing an activity, like going to a gallery or ice skating or whatever. Don’t take me to a steakhouse if you expect to get kissed. Don’t take me out for the stuff you do with your guy friends, unless you and your friends have courtside seats. And don’t EVER bring me to a pub. Girls don’t wear Chanel to come out smelling like onion rings.

Where will you be living in 5 years (city)? Why?

If I could forecast that, I’d be living there now! *Laughs* I am definitely a city girl, but a bigger city than my hometown, I hope. Cue the haters! *Laughs* I like places that are rich in history and architecture. I wouldn’t mind being in the South of France or Vienna, but who knows, I haven’t been to Tokyo or Fiji yet, so I wouldn’t cross them off the list!

Is the Canadian Music scene breaking through…. or slowing down?

It’s a difficult time for music in general, never mind Canadian music. In the wake of the collapsing economy and filesharing being the norm, I think we have raised and continue to raise a generation of people who don’t see the value in paying for music – they’ve just never had to. And as a result, new bands are not moving units the way they might have done in the mid-90’s, so a lot of wicked new bands get slept on or remain underfunded and undeveloped and we end up with a pretty homogenous Canadian musical identity. The bands that do well in sales get all the accolades and continue to define the “Canadian” sound, which doesn’t necessarily accurately reflect us. You know what I’m talking about. In my opinion we tend to see Canadian music reflected in the mainstream as being primarily Jock Rock. It’s a shame, really, because there are so many talented artists who pop up and ultimately disappear for lack of funding, not lack of interest. So support your indie artists, Canada! Or don’t get mad when we move away! *Laughs* Don’t get me wrong though, I love a lot of Canadian artists. I’m so proud of Feist and Kardi and Nelly. I love Hot Hot Heat, KIDS ON TV, Metric, Billy Talent, Esthero and Kreesha Turner. Of course I couldn’t be prouder of my homegirl Care from Die Mannequin. It’s not that I mind being represented by rock – just BAD rock. So… I HOPE we’re about to break into a new episode in Canadian music. I’m… Cautiously optimistic? I think the music will speak for itself and I think the fans are starting to see that there is more to offer than the tried-and-tested, on an international level. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see Canadian music blow up and be a little more diverse. Fingers crossed.

Lastly, how can our fans get your hit single on their iPods?

It’s a little thing we like to call iTunes.ca. 99 cents isn’t a lot to keep artists you like making music.


Check out Nikki Awesome’s Current Single “You Say” out now on iTunes

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