When I say “YAWN”, it’s not because I’m like, “Oh, video shoots are so boring.”

It’s because this WICKEDAWESOME video shoot didn’t wrap until 3AM. And now I am up at 9 after finally falling asleep at like 430. Puuuuuuke!


– I woke up at 7AM to the sound of a (seriously) crazy lady marching up and down the streets surrounding my building shouting expletives in that crazy cat lady voice NONSTOP. So it was time to wake up and hit the gym (which was OK, but tooootally messed up my sleep schedule and made me less agreeable throughout the day, natch!)

– Spent like an hour talking on the phone at around 10 to Die Mannequin’s Care Failure, who had just gotten in from Germany, before I realised I was on call at the hir salon at 11 and hadn’t showered yet.

-Showered, obviously.

– Cab ride to salon, cue Hairstylist Rino’s pick up and decided to go straight to location (which totally made me feel like either a supersecret delivery package or as if I was being followed by INTERPOL, out of one car, into the next) to set up for hair and makeup with sexy Matt the little french delicious.

– YOU SAY IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE…. my call time for camera-ready was 2, hit the camera at 3. (film!)

– Blistered knees.

-A crew of breakdancers show up out of pure serendipity…..

I can’t tell you much more… but if you were there, then you KNOW. This shit is gonna be HOT. Here’s a photo of me at like 330AM after tearing down my dressing room (which was soooo pretty before and full of fun people and makeup… it makes it look so sad when we leave! Stay tuned for the video!!


nikki awesome after the carnage of shooting a video

nikki awesome after the carnage of shooting a video

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