It turns out that people stole bottles of booze from the club where we shot the video…

If anyone knows anything about this or saw anyone take anything please let me know.

To the thieves:

What kind of magical world did you think it was that you could just roll up on a bar, take 15 bottles of booze and no one would be the wiser? furthermore, if you were on the shoot, you were likely (at least loosely) affiliated with us — so what the fuck?? Like you didn’t think this was going to come back on The Royal Society? Thanks for being so disrespectful after we were gracious enough to include you in this wicked project, after everyone on set tried to make sure you were having a good time and felt appreciated and respected yourselves. If you have at least SOME decency you could at least come clean, but guess who’s living in a magical fantasy world on that tip.

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