last known whereabouts of my shampoo and conditioner

last known whereabouts of my shampoo and conditioner

Last night kicked off the Western Canada leg of the FLO RIDA tour in Brooks, AB.

We weren’t sure quite what to expect, having been told that the people in Alberta (BY the people in Alberta) might not like our sound or us, (Apparently people outside of Toronto are a bit apprehensive about people from Toronto – which is fair enough, ‘cause even I’M apprehensive about Torontonians) that it could be really hit-or-miss… WELL, let me assure you, Loyals, it was a MEGAHIT.

From the moment we rolled into town (sometime around 6 or 7 in the AM) we were treated (you guessed it) ROYALLY by everyone in town, from our girl Lynn the night manager at our hotel to Mike, Ian, Shay, my boy Danny… Red carpet all the way baby… They had even built the stage for us the day before (OK, I guess it was also for Flo) so we christened it with a little COUNTRYSTYLE vibe (check the MySpace soon on that one).

SO. First show on the tour. My girls in Brooks got LOOOOVE for us!! After signing a lot of CDs, T-shirts and bare chests until the Sharpies burned out, we packed up and I sadly dropped out cause my voice was starting to rasp. Which would probably have been a bad move on the first day of the tour – though I think Breeze and Bloke’s covers of YOU SAY, COUNTRYSTYLE and ALL THE LITTLE THINGS would be interesting.. Not to mention Bloke covering my part in FREAK LIKE ME. Um yeah. Would have been a little weird. Sorry, Brooks, had to have a voice left for in Medicine Hat, Red Deer and Ft McMurray!

I wanted to get some pics up for you but the problem here is twofold. One, the internet has suddenly gone from lightening-super-amazing-fast to powered-by-hamster-on-wheel (which you know totally means the boys are in the next room downloading porn), and two, I totally got SHANKED by a store here in Brooks (my only complaint) after I bought a four-pack of Panasonic batteries that lasted for ONE (count it. Sp-sp-spell it out. O-n-e.) picture and died, so sorry Loyals, you’ll just have to imagine cool things like mannequins running on rooftop treadmills advertising fitness clubs along the highway and agricultural supply stores called “Dirty Knees Gardening”. Everyone that ALSO has a problem with missing out on these photos can go and and send some hate to http://www.panasonic.com/yourbatteriesfnsuck/noreallythough.

I know the boys went out last night but I haven’t really linked up with them yet this morning because I was trying to sleep and swim and gym and whatever.. There was this wickedass buffet at the hotel first thing so I have ended up waking up and bringing my “Big Plate” (points to non UK residents who know to what I am referring) to pillage that puppy.

Basically it’s been like this the past two days. Talk to my boy AP.

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