nikki awesome & bloke one

nikki awesome & bloke one

Last night was our second show with Flo Rida, all ages in Medicine Hat – HOLLA AT ME MED HAT!

From the minute we hit the venue, people were showing us so much love and were so amazing about bringing us loads of delicious Tofurkey (for me, which pretty much basically doesn’t exist in this part of Canada), taking lots of time to fix our feedback problems and stuff… By the time we hit the stage the crowd was going MAD and they showed us sooo much love.
The hotel we stayed in was pretty much the tackiest thing I’ve seen to date – like a discount Disney World in Mexico City or something. Complete with multi-level waterfall and tiki bar. Hilarious!
Anyway, just arrived in Red Deer and lying on my big delicious bed watching some Bye Bye Birdie before soundcheck. I am on limited talking right now so as to preserve my voice for the show. Have you guys seen this movie? You know I am a big musical fan, so I’ll leave you this to check it out. Talk to you after the show! Xx

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