I watch the TV guide channel provided by my hotel to listen to the muzak versions of The Wind Beneath My Wings. My suite overlooks the North Saskatchewan River and some highways, a beautiful valley and people kayaking, breakfasting on terraces… IMG_0902I wake up to the sound of housekeeping and curl in my deliciously comfortable bed (back to ten million pillows. Thrilled.) while the boys are breakfasting downstairs. IMG_0903

As much as I hate hotels, today I am loving them, for their anonymity, their blandness is like a cozy comforter in which we can nestle and recuperate, watching two-star movies with terrible plots and drinking too much hotel coffee. This is my bed for sleeping. This is my bed for watching TV. Call the front desk. Order 3 bottles of shampoo to make a bubble fiesta in the giant tub.IMG_0904

The boys were out all night on their mission to snare us a new Edmonton show, I have yet to recon with them to find out whether we are a giant success or a slightly less giant success. In other exciting news, I have just found out it is Edmonton PRIDE day!! SO excited! I will definitely be nikkiawesomeing up the parade, if only from the sidelines this year. For those of you who have never attended, PRIDE is one of the best events of the year ANYWHERE, so HAPPY PRIDE, EVERYONE!!

I’m on my way for a quick stop-in to the walk-in (for the COLD, jerks) so hopefully Dr. McEdmonton will be Dr. McGenerousWithTheRxPainkillers ‘cause my throat is KILLING and I just have this feeling that watching “I LOVE YOU, MAN” on Tramacet would make that two-star joint SHIIIINE!

Check in with me later, before I check out.


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