Coming off of 4 days of travel and performance (our most to date) we were all a bit giddy and sleepless, so it’s made for a very silly day. Like, performing interpretive dance to Seal’s Kiss From A Rose, heated debate about THE DEATH OF HIP HOP, Oprah’s shift in gears to spiritual Martha Stewartyness, Quiz Shows, Red Bull withdrawal and Yellow Water at the Thelma and Louise Truck Stop. Yeah. That kind of a day.
A little (teeny tiny) monkeywrench has been thrown into the gears of this Western Canada tour… Flo Rida’s dates for British Columbia have been kiboshed! We got the news as we were leaving Ft McMurray (which, as you know by now, is in the middle of nowhere) that there was a slight possibility of cancellation of the BC leg of the tour (hmmmmmm…), so basically the news came through when we finally got signals back on the phones, just after my interview with Halifax’s z103.


You heard it here, first, Loyals! So we’re currently in Edmonton, as per our original plan of days off spent chilling on the voice, watching movies, going swimming.. IMG_0853Only now the mission has been switched over to trying to book a few quick shows (hey – Western Canada, you’re gorgeous and all, but I wanna plaaaaay. And you know you want it too.).

I thought about skipping the whole Canada thing for a few days in London (to return for the Fred Rock show – WHAT!?), but the other Royals convinced me that there WILL be a show booked for tomorrow night. So we shall see, Loyals, we shall see. You know Prince Harry is calling me and stuff and it’s very hard to resist that Ginger mop of deliciousness. Bloke and Breeze didn’t however, have enough time to get my look down pat, but I mean really… Do you think anyone would notice?

Time for movies and giant bathtubs now!


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