I was going to begin this blog with the Thompson Twins video for Doctor!Doctor!, except upon viewing it again, I was like “woah this is the worst video I’ve ever seen and could duplicate it for 49.95$, spending most of the budget on crappy pan-cake makeup and jumbo braid.” So none for you.

IMG_0937Day 3 of hotel living begins today. I wish I could say “Hard-hitting Hotel Living”, but unfortunately most of yesterday was a blur of doctor’s offices, prescription pickups and sleeping off Advil Sinus & Cold (for those of you who just joined us, I have a serious problem with taking over-the-counter cold medications → read one of my earlier blogs “Robotrippin’ in Synecdoche”). It turned out I had a sinus infection after all (ewww!), so luckily took care of that on the days off before hitting the east coast.
After running around trying to sort out a quick show (which to be honest I’m kind of glad we didn’t have because I’m still not feeling amazing – though you KNOW my type-A would have enforced brilliance on anyway), we decided it would be cool to check out DIESEL Ultra Lounge where BOUNCE 91.7 does a live to air with Russell James and Jake Ryan. I get ready to go while watching the video for Whigfield’s Saturday Night, which again, sucks so badly I can hardly believe it. Total Josten’s high school graduation backdrop and really really boring shots of her applying makeup? How did that EVER get in rotation??

We hit the club just before 1 and it’s a dope joint, playing my current theme tune (Boom Boom Pow) but the smoke machines start acting up with my illness (not like, the “my illness” of being rad) and I end up having to bail after 20 minutes… So sorry Diesel! The guys stayed and partied over there and not sure what happened yet, but I think I heard them come past my hotel room sometime after 4. I am DYING to know the stories. Fo Sho.

I am currently watching The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, drinking tea and about to go check out the Holt Renfrew in Edmonton. Waiting for the boys to tell me stories of scandal from last night (I’m sure they have them). In closing, I would like to share with you the best Kleenex Box I have ever seen.


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