You know how steamed I get when people want to use artist’s work free – like it should be a big favor to us and all given that you like what we starved for. My friend Gary Taxali was contacted by Google to create free artwork for their search engine. Gary said FEGEDDABOUDIT and you can read about it in the New York Times

check out Gary Taxali’s illustration HERE

and his shop HERE

Gary Taxali

Gary Taxali

Check for Gary (another TORONTO artist, I might add) on BRAVO in the next little while where he’s being interviewed about the same story (oh and his amazing and innovative art). Sneak preview Gary told me in an email “They never printed this in the NYT article but I asked the Google guy how I would pay my bills doing free work? I then asked him if he gets paid for his work – he wouldn’t answer me. ” Nooooooo shiz.


*secret artist high-five*

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