It’s been a while and I kind of feel weird about it.

I haven’t written, you feel weird, now I feel weird that you’re kind of being weird about it… it’s basically snowballing into an incredible feeling of awkwardness with a soft chewy center of disillusionment and mistrust. You’re like “But how could you leave me when I was getting so into it” and I’m all “Baby I had to work to pay the bills to buy you these nice things”. (Ok switch “pay the bills to buy you nice things” with “for more promotional material with which to write self promotional hilarious blog”.)

SO BUSY. Photoshoots, radio, video editing suites, video criticizing suites, semi-personal life — you name it, I’m on it. Possibly literally in certain categories. THE VIDEO FOR THE NEXT SINGLE IS ALMOST READY. I’ve seen the first cut and it has the Awesome seal of approval (which is basically the rarest and most expensive seal of high budgetry possible). I KNOW everyone has been asking for it for ages, so sorry it’s taken so long, but we creative workaholics are sometimes difficult chronically unsatisfied hypercritical perfectionists and we have SUCH amazing art for you. Yes, Art. With a capital A+ mothalova.

I just put up a new song on MySpace for the fans who have been asking for it. I love it when you get all demanding with me, it’s like you’re fighting back in our relationship when I’m just kind of casually being a bitch. And that’s cute.

Check the new song, NOUVEAU RICHE on the MySpace, it’s #2 in the player. Let’s jump those numbers up!

Oh, and since you were all silently being judged…. MELBOURNE IS WINNING THE RACE TO #1 STREET TEAM!!

Are you just gonna SIT THERE and let them BEAT YOU? They’re on an island for chrissakes.



Me & Care Failure - Photo by Josh Boyter

Me & Care Failure - Photo by Josh Boyter

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