A lot of you have been complaining that we don’t play Toronto — yet *I insist I’m playing Toronto EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE haha.

For The Lovers And The Loyals….

August 12th we will be playing the brand-new Pacha nightclub for the opening night of MOVIE NIGHT, the new Wednesday by Matt Sims.

Matt has been one of the main promoters at CiRCA since it opened alongside some of our nearest, dearest and most exciting party-makers. Expect hot people, fashion people, crazy people and more hot people. If you haven’t been to one of his parties before, you could go just kill yourself now, or you could come to the party and then be all like “wow I am one of the chosen few who have been invited”. You choose, dude. I recommend the latter.

We are very much looking forward to our WELCOME BACK date before we head out into the abyss of touring the new single, for which the video is coming out any second now. Check out the new single ALL THE LITTLE THINGS on our MySpace at


(so you can learn the words and stuff)

and definitely check out the party info at


hope to see you there rather than avoid your awkward memorial service.


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