Nikki Awesome On Set - NO FOOD ALLOWED!

Nikki Awesome On Set - NO FOOD ALLOWED!

Rather than launch into some formulaic rant in regard to my latest bout of absenteeism, I thought I would treat the online universe to a universally AWESOME remix DISCO TIGER’s just done of my track YOU SAY. Oh, and sorry to disappoint all you regulars, but I’ll be in and out of the interwebs over the next week or so as I’m returning to London (yes, AGAIN — apparently I just can’t get sick enough of overboiled veg and a constant aural influx of slurry speech impediments). Therefore, I will obviously be in various states of chronic fatigue, paranoia and irritability (sprinkled, of course, with a healthy dose of glamorousness and too much fun).

YES, I have stories for you. YES, they will be written in the most shocking and saucy fashion, full of scandal, salaciousness, destitution, possible prostitution and definite disillusionments of grandeur, French’s VS Grey Poupon, “Daddy, I want NEW pony. Clip Clop’s mane is just too, too embarassing!” That sort of thing.

I admit I have been a naughty blogger, leaving you with single paragraphs and stupid vlogs rather than the general highbrow, upscale tawdry mess you’ve come to adore from me, but I PWOMISE I have something rather special coming up that requires actual EDITING. Also a few big things in the works.

Stay in touch, yeahs?

ps – because I LOOOOOOVE YOU, grab the free download of the remix while the getting’s good, and check out myspace.com/officialdiscotiger


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