nikki awesome, OG

A few things to discuss today.

After yesterday’s interview with Jesse Giddings over at MuchMusic, I realised that there were a few people I forgot to mention that I have been hard on the grind with (IE the other members of The Royal Society — of course we are still working together!! — and notably USS, who if you haven’t heard yet I’m pretty sure you might be legally blind and actually walking into the poles all around every city in Canada rather than passing then and noting their name EVERYWHERE, or deaf to the sweet deliciousness pouring from the pores of national radio. Check their MySpace for tour dates, dope tracks, etc. and sorry I go braindead in the early morning times). This being said, I think it’s important to note that I wake up often with a sense of impending doom when I’m bitched out by my PDA (less talkback than a PA), shrieking there’s something notable and/or important and/or necessitating my shining diamondness first thing in the morning — which tends to be anytime before around 4pm.

It’s not to say that I’m not an early riser, it’s just that I have a bizarre sense of schedule that requires my utmost attention, particularly when I’m writing, and it tends to have bursts of creativity that dominate my relatability quotient with the rest of civilian humanity. For example, I can wake up with an idea anywhere between 3am (thanks insomnia) and 9am and have to work right through until I am finished whatever collage of semi-detached alliterative lyricism has compelled my body awaken and expel. This is all well and good, however, when this non-schedule becomes dependent on working around a scheduled appearance, my brain haywires a little, necessitating moments of nonsensical outbursts of the uncomfortable variety. So arriving at MuchMusic yesterday, I have to do these weird things… They’re not TICS, per se, but for example, I have to almost wake myself up in a social setting in a manner that rivals a mild Tourette’s, as I demonstrated while getting touched up in the makeup room, swathed in drapery to protect my very exciting T-SHIRT (see, I can barely dress myself appropriately for television, nor can I wake my mind enough to use the appropriate channels – ie call my Stylists or Designer at Black Circle Industries – to say “um, what should I wear that’s not a t-shirt?“), I tend to explode words and/or vowel sounds and/or random opinion on politics or celebrities, to the point that the On-Air personalities also having their makeup done are glancing over and I know they’re wondering how drunk I am at 11:40am. Which I’m not, it’s just that I have to mentally exorcise the monotonous tones out of my voice or I tend to sound incredibly bored/confused/distracted by pretty lights.

Tv is fun, but let’s yammer on about what you’re all DYING to know — is there something going on between me and MuchMusic VJ Jesse Giddings. God, if I had a national spin on each time I’ve been PM’d THAT question I’d be rolling in royalty cheques. I was trying to find a clever and ironic way of continuing the mystery, but as it’s 10 in the AM currently, the brainflow not yet on the caffeine train and being so distracted by the pretty lights of the daytime variety, I’ll just put it this way for now… If God puts a gun to your head and says you have to pick ONE MuchMusic VJ to go on a date with….

What do you do, Hotshot?

What. Do. You. Do.

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