Those dedicated followers of action that have been regular visitors of my blog know that a while ago I posted a long rant about how I was so bored with my hair, as it had always been insanely-colored, short, long, skunk-hawked, mulleted — whatevs. A few people even asked me to post some pictures, but as I tend to lose things and/or not document them, or lose the documentation of things that have been documented in a typical ADD-fashion, I could only find about two.

Well, chittlin’s, it’s your lucky blog.

A friend sent this in from a pile of old VHS tapes I gave her when I moved house. Amid copies of HEATHCLIFF: THE MOVIE, CINEMA PARADISO and REVENGE OF THE NERDS II: NERDS IN PARADISE, she found a blank videocassette with my mother’s writing simply labeled “Nikki.”

I give you now, THE TAPE.

Oh. My. I was a hair model for L’Oreal — note the Queen Amidala lips, exciting eye makeup, and of course the FUCKING FIERCENESS!!! My face is all “Fuck you, School Support Staff On Strike!”

So, children, the lesson we learn once more is that people are not who they might appear to be all the time — and that not all popstars grow up with long blonde extensions.



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