I’ve been rather busy writing some new demos for the past week, so I have been unavailable to you, my adoring minions. Once again, I apologize.

Currently nursing self-inflicted wounds after a weekday war waged on the mundane using the weaponry/frenemy vitamin V(odka). What better way than by watching multiple episodes of THE GOLDEN GIRLS, THREE’S COMPANY and SEINFELD, right? The laugh track started out badly and got worse. Rather than soothing me, the opening strains of “Come And Knock On Our Door” grated like Freddy Kreuger’s rusted nails on a shrieking, scared chalkboard.

Instead, I am absorbing Tennesee William’s BABY DOLL, a 1956 movie in which a child bride and her dim-witted husband are mercilessly exploited by a shifty businessmen, who aims to seduce poor little innocent Baby Doll, who is the Southern Belle through and through, all haughty and “I-Never”s. I stole one of her lines for the title of this blog. If you can’t have SUNSET BOULEVARD, grab a slice of BABY DOLL.

“l’m moving to the Kotton King Hotel! I’m moving to the Kotton King Hotel! l’m gonna get me a good job! The hotel manager helped carry my daddy’s coffin, he’ll give me one. l could curl hair at a beauty parlour. Or l reckon l could be a hostess…Smile at people coming in a place. Any place. l could be a cashier….Well, l could pass out menus, or programmes or something. Say hello to people. l can say hello.”

An artist friend sent me a photo of a painting/collage he’s done of me years ago, so I thought I’d share it with you.

nikki awesome by todd julie

nikki awesome by todd julie

Check him out at FOVEA

By the way, it’s our anniversary.

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