Did I ever tell you about the time I met Kevin Federline?

A friend and I got dragged in off the street to be in the MOD audience, I guess because few people actually cared that KFed was going to be at Much.

Anyway, I was happily mocking him from the sidelines when during they freak they rearranged us, and Kfed, who had come over to chat up my friend and I (I don’t know why, because we were wearing like NO makeup and whatevs) and started taking all this dumb shit about “don’t tell anyone I’m wearing makeup, okay?” Anyway, they ended up moving me to sit beside him on the other side of the room, and I was completely dying as he answered questions, mostly because I was all “ummmm you’re soooo fucking lame”.

This was about a million years ago, but THAT was the night he got an email from Britney’s lawyers saying “you’re chucked”, so I had the opportunity to make up horrible stories about KFed trying it on with me and being all TIGER WOODS’ MISTRESS on that shit. Unfortunately, I have 2 afflictions that do me more harm than good in the entertainment bidness, an unwavering love of Brit-Brit and this curious thing called a “con-shuns”, so i didn’t actually make a zillion dolls. For shame!

Check the clip below and laugh forever.

Oh, and yes, we got his autograph. you HAVE to get one from people who suck. Come on!!

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