The Faces of CHANGE slate is the unofficial opposition in the election to replace the old Toronto Humane Society board of directors. You might remember the current board as the same one who allowed animals to suffer, neglected, and are currently using donation money to defend themselves in court after being charged with numerous offenses relating to the cruel treatment of the animals they claimed to protect.

I have become involved in The Faces of CHANGE after recognizing that the THS has refused new membership since the scandal broke regarding the raid on the shelter, and therefore cannot be part of the vote encouraging a new board of directors replace the current one, which is imperative as the standards for the THS were defined by the current board and they are not trustworthy to provide adequate care in the treatment of animals or the spending of donations.

I am making my support known to existing members by making 10 phonecalls before the vote goes out, and if you can make a few calls in the next 2 days it would really be appreciated, as there are currently 1900 calls to be made.

ReformTHS will send you a package containing all the info plus a script to make it really easy to call 10 members (remember these are EXISTING members of the Humane Society, not cold-calling for NEW members, so it’s not too much like calling from Enbridge Gas or anything).

If anyone is interested in helping with their time to make a few phonecalls on behalf of ReformTHS and The Faces of CHANGE please email me directly and I will put you in touch with the group.

Thanks for your time and I hope some of you will be interested in promoting change. More information below


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