What a weekend. Still recovering from HATE CLUB @ BOURNEOPOLOUS the night before, headed with fellow hot bitch/pro-tographer to a rooftop party at the Spoke Club. No idea what it was for, suspect a mastering company? Sun was shining deliciously so got some drinks, and some more drinks, and some more drinks in while avoiding “networking”.

What’s the damage with “networking” anyway? It’s like people come up and just say “omg this is so awkwards, but like, here I am. Networking! So anyway…..”

It kind of reminds me of this:

blah blah, blah blah blah.


Hit Iggy Pop at Dundas Sq. for the free show, which was pretty rad. Ran into LOOOOADS of friends.

Following a mild hangover on the swelteringist of days, hit up the MMVAs and the ULTRA afterparty, which was fun. Thx to all the fans, loved meeting you! xx


I’M SORRY: Snake from Degrassi, Adam Lambert, etc.

NOT SORRY: creepy vulture vodka-scheming douchebag at ultra.

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