So got about a zillion plays since uploading the home-jobbies (and a few “with a little help from my friends” tracks), so thanks everybodee!

Lying in my bed which has been the only source of happiness away from the freezingness of London over the past few days – though i have heard it’s minus a billion in North America so I guess it being close to -1 can’t have me moaning too much… it’s so angry-making leaving comfy duvets in this kind of hideous weather though, isn’t it? I prefer to hibernate and read and pretend to excercise in the style of this:



Either way. Have been planning to go and culture myself over at The Royal Academy for the past two days but instead have been trapped by shit TV and excessive amounts of candy. Unwrapping mini Creme Eggs is like working out right? If I were being lazy I’d just eat them with the foil on.

Anyway, have a massive delivery of deliciousness  set to arrive tomorrow, barring any kind of snow-fueled dramatics between Paris and London airports — partner in crime FUN BOBBY is set to arrive in my lil’ ole town to abuse the New King’s Road as per the clip below:



Hilarity. The New King’s Road is at the end of mine, so I’m sure we’ll have to simply CHUNNNDER all over it and whatnot.


OK. so gonna go poodle-workout n’ then culturify. Scary Movie 3 is culture, right?


Like Diet Coke is detox.


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