I’m still in bed at the moment after monumentally hectic moments over the past month, so apologies for the non-blogging. No, I have not been under death threats for leaking all kinds of spectacular secrets of the hideous music industry (yet), but more to come on that, obviously.

In the meantime, celebrating birthdays with the appropriate amount of champagne, in the too-much-is-never-quite-enough sense of appropriate, receiving delicious birthday delicacies and treasures of all sorts from every corner of the globe. Corner of the globe? have I coined that one or do people actually say it? Makes absolutely no sense, whatsoever, but what does these days?

I’ll have more to write in the coming days as I am planning somewhat of a detox, which naturally should lead to all kinds of psychotic rambling, multiple video uploads and what-have-you, but for the meantime, satisfy yourselves with this Pixies cover of Gigantic which showcases my ability to do two things at once. So there, naysayers. I multitask like a motherfucker.



Soon, soon, very very soon.


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