It’s been ever so long since I’d last written, but clearly I have been busy with all sorts (as usual). Don’t worry, you can now expect a return to your regularly schedules rants and semi-semifrequently updated je ne sais quois and whatnot.

We’ll start with a brief foray into my Teen_Dream (total hotmail spam porn handle or what!?), a tiny sub-spectrum of music I’ve been writing while feeling ever so moody (oh that dark, dark business one has to love). It’s semi emotronic (what does that even mean? I class it as moody/introspective with drum machines and synth. Not happy with that? Send an SASE plus 49.00 GBP for a long-winded version of SUCK IT), kind of a bit more soundtracky and certainly vocal/lyrics driven (which makes all the sense in the world as I have written and produced 100% of it myself and simply would ne’er dream of claiming clever instrumentalness/production values).

I’ve been writing mostly at my kitchen table (in an ever-so fancy carved Regency style, silk-covered, mahogany armchair – overlooking the hustle/bustle of central London in its ever-dour grey attire. Are you there with me?!) for the past year or so and I know most of my fans/critics don’t know that I do in fact actually write not only my own lyrics but often my own music as well. typically sharing it only with close friends.

Well, internet, get ready to feel special. We’re on close-friend level now. Yeah I know. Save the hugs for later when it’s not so embarrassing. Now it’s yours for the listening.

Basically I was looking for an outlet for all of my failed-at-art-school angst and a forum for my need to create aural montages of dying vampires, wax fruit melting in still life, busy highways, and the time-lapsed self-portraits of Dorian Gray. I hope it does the trick. By the way, you could always run it with the ending of Soylent Green. That works for me too.

Enjoy, and no cutting!


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