Nikki Awesome For Cake Follies

Nikki Awesome For Cake Follies


What’s more fun than eating cupcakes? Wearing them, obviously. Headed to West London to theeee George Bone’s Tattoo parlour which was kind of gothey/tattooey paradise full of skulls and Jesus paraphernalia. George totally looks like a more lifelike and realistic version of Johnny Rotten, totally dope dude who let me wander pantsless in his establishment while he colored in a massive python all over some man. Rather thrilling.

Me + Cake Follies creative genius Miss Follies showed up, inciting loads of stare-achtung! from passers-by, including causing a small child on a scooter to collide with a telephone pole. The day was clearly on an upswing from the woozy haze of insomnia-hangover it started out as, and Bitchface Awesome rocked cupcake after cupcake in not-so-rapid succession. Delectable!

Check the pics, and hit up Cake Follies on FB. Get Frosted!




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