A couple of things:

1. New Layout on the site. I realized I hadn’t changed it EVER since the first of EVER. So  I hope you’re feeling fun and fancy free with the new format.

2. I have updated the PHOTOS section for all of your gawking/voyeuristic needs.

3. I have been looking at the 300+ songs sitting on my iTunes and y’all have been demanding new(ish) tracks from me. I have this “i’m not a producer, though” anxiety where I get all Woody Allen about it and I’m like “Wait, that’s not a song. Are you kidding? WHAT MAN WOULD WANT YOU!?” And then five seconds later I’m like “Holy shit you’re a fucking GENIUS”. It’s a very bipolar kind of self-love/hate thing, so let’s let the internet decide, right? Because I just LOVE criticism.

4. I am also updating all the lyrics section which, if you like semi-frequently intelligent women you might want to fall in love about. They’re pretty fucking aiight, if I do say so myself. Now let’s get some production value on this bitch.

That’s about all for the last/next five minutes, looking forward to all of your comments.

Oh and PS – look at the picture above, playing TACO’s cover of Puttin’ On The Ritz, except change “Puttin’ On” to “Fuckin’ Up”. As one does.


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