Dear Internet,

It’s official. I can start saying “You Love Me” more than “Happy Valentines Day, NO ONE”.

Period Drama, the short film I co-wrote and act in, has now gotten over 400,000 views on YouTube.

Period Drama submits to the mercy of some film festival (don’t ask me, that’s JDRW5‘s job to keep track of things) tomorrow, so make the sign of the cross your fingers that it does well and you can be all OMG I can’t even B-Leev U haven’t been following NikkiAwesome until just NOW that she has won fifty Oscars. How utterly shame-making for your frenemies. They’ll be simply crimson!

Of course, everything I touch turns to awesome or bursts into flame, so clearly we’re not surprised. However, I am a little disappointed that the second part of the Period Drama trilogy, Emergency Procedures, did not wind up being the big winner. It features Yours Truly vomiting blood backwards in a sequined bridal gown in minus 40⋅C while being bound and gagged in gauze by transvestite Hitler Youth. Seriously, you try to be shocking and what happens? “Oh. We expected that kind of thing from you.”

The trilogy is being cut into one short film, but you can see Episode 2: Emergency Procedures here:

Thanks for watching, and comment that shit!


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