A little nostalgic over the past few days for long non-solo grinds with my boys S. Breeze and Plus Mo. Our trio trekked across Canada and the U.S. with Flo Rida, you will recall (or simply hit the archives), hitting up public appearances, radio and TV spots, killing stages et cetera, so I chucked together some footage to get all misty over. #StillLoyal baby, #ThatsWhatsUp.

The below videos are basically what being in The Royal Society was about. Go blow a balloon and brush your damn teef, essentially, and pop that Cristal after a case of RedBull, it’s better that way. Oh, life. Also there is a sick impromptu version of COUNTRY STYLE in the below video. And lots of balloons.



I should explain about the wandering around aimlessly for those of you who’ve never done/seen a soundcheck – the wireless mic’s bounced off each other/slash would totally and completely die on occasion, so most soundchecks we’d bounce off the walls on 1,500 RedBulls (in the hospitality rider, natch!) trying to make them die… so that when the sound guys were checking it they’d get EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE PROBLEM to deal with before the show. And #thatishowitsdonekids.



I have also added the NOUVEAU RICHE EP along with some other BONUS TRACKS, a photo gallery of precious moments and to the ABOUT THE ROYAL SOCIETY section – hit up the drop down menu up at at the top – c’mon, this isn’t your first visit to the internet.


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