Remember a couple of days ago I committed to letting the internet judge me with its’ harsh critical bitchface on new tracks? This is one of those times where I’m like “hm, I dunno if they’re gonna like this one”. Don’t worry if it’s not your cup of tea, I’ve got approximately 6,987 poppy little numbers tarting up this minute for your amusement. Think of this one as that scene in Forrest Gump when Forrest goes to see Jenny “perform her music” as Bobbie Dylan and she’s naked with a guitar and everyone’s like “c’mon toots, get a harmonica!” and she’s all “Ahm singin’ a sowng!” In that case, I’m sorry I’ve spoiled your Black Panther party. Let’s move on.

Sometimes I feel like I might have turned into Nikki “Peter Gabriel Bitter-Articulate” Awesome, but hey, at least the bitch can do “diverse”. Yesterday I posted hiphop-gone-country so SUCK MY FAME bitches.

It’s funny how no matter what you write, there’s someone popping up to take ownership of the incident that supposedly inspired you in anyol’ particular moment… Shit, kids, sometimes a song is just a song, sometimes it begs analysis but it doesn’t wanna stick around in the waiting room. Love your commentary, but sometimes it’s a bit rich (ahem) to presume things are utterly devoted to them, like some kind of shrine to unrequited love or record contracts. Case in point: “ALL THE LITTLE THINGS” was not written about ANYBODY – we literally thought “Ooh let’s be Stanislavsky-style actors and think about something that might sound creepy-sexy, like a female stalker.” I wasn’t actually waiting outside of someone’s HOUSE. It’s called artistic license, look into it sometime.

Oh Adele, I know how you feel (just minus the loads of money/grammys)

Lyrics HERE, feel free to apply that shit both liberally and sarcastically. Oh wait, you all thought it would be like this, right?


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