UPDATE: 16/04/12 10:00:00 GMT ZedTO have officially met (and exceeded) their goal of raising $20,000.00!! MASSIVE thank you to all who donated, including Margaret E. Atwood ‏ @MargaretAtwood, carole pope ‏ @carolepope, Roz Weston ‏ @rozwestonRob Dyer ‏ @RobDyerS4C Antonia Mariconda ‏ @CosmedicCoach …  I love you loving #CanadianArt! Not sure who exactly I committed to kissing but pretty sure it’s all of you. Names and addresses on a postcard, please, and I’ll arrange to liplock with you all, posthaste. xx

So proud to have known these artistic/ambitious/superinteresting folk back when we was tweens (I lived on the same street as two of them. Yes, under the power lines, probably.)

Essentially they have created a biochemical corporation that uses different multimedia outlets to reach their market… wait a minute, that’s just like in REAL LIFE… and they have targeted demographics that actually exist – so this super cool project “feels real”.. evidence? See the videos. I’ll let them explain it to you properly – but we’re talking biochemical apocalyptic shit… via theatre, video, web, social media. Totally foreseeable possible reality… Spooky!

They’re working on an interactive theatre project/fucking rad EXPERIENCE, no less, and you can see the details here but in order to pull it all off, they need $5,000 more dollars from you to make it happen. Are you up for it, baby? I will personally kiss the first one to whip out $2.5K on the business chargecard. C’mon ladies and gents, get out the pocketbooks.

Please give them some cash and support the arts, especially to create multimedia experiences like this. I wish I was in Toronto right now to get all up in it!


(Oh and PS – yes, that is ME with the Mohawk, back in the day. I TOLD YOU IT WAS TRUE.)

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