Some of you don’t realize how actually actually deadly serious (the deadliest!) I am when I declare openly that I am a devout monarchist.

I’ve gotten into soooo many arguments over this I can’t even, alienating would-be family members (clearly they’ve been either shopped for treason or disowned at this point), former friends, dismissed acquaintances et cetera – whether it be for reasons of disbelief, disdain, or simply their sheer stupidity (“The Royals do nothing and are a drain on society” – I beg your pardon!? The Royal family bring hundreds of millions if not billions into the floundering economy through tourism alone; not to mention sales of memorabilia, attractions, et cetera.. and they are constantly in the public eye for charity work – so spare me the baseless antimonarchist sentiment you heard someone spout on TV in the 70’s) …I actually get really mad. No joke! Come on, did you not get it that my last band was called THE ROYAL SOCIETY and we used the crest of the HOUSE OF WINDSOR? #LateToTheParty…

So I thought I would show you some of my collection to prove how excited I am for the Diamond Jubilee.. I don’t think this is all of it – I have my grandmother’s scrapbook of the Coronation of King George VI back in Canada, as well as a highly coveted Royal Wedding (Charles and Diana) bar of soap. I very nearly fainted when I realized that I had missed seeing the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall by 10 minutes at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto – ask @Melianaire, this is a true things.

Probably one of my most prized possessions, a gilded bone china cup from the Coronation of King George VI which if you hold it up to the light has a linocut (I believe it is called) of the face of King George VI in the bottom. I was sent this as a (very) early birthday present from a delicious friend who knows me very very well. It was a complete surprise, as was the linocut – and I almost dropped it I was so excited. This is me, proud and showing off. I get terrified whenever I show it to someone that all of a sudden they’ll clumsily drop it; so if you are ever in my presence and you get a chance to have a sneak peek at it (with permission, of course) consider yourself extremely highly-rated in the Awesome Peerage lists. No, but really though. Seriously, you don’t even know. DEADLY SERIOUS DOESN’T COVER IT. DROP IT AND THE ROYAL MARINES SHOW UP. *twitchy eye staring*

I also have many treasures from the beginning of the reign of HRH Elizabeth II; which sadly include the programme from her father’s funeral. I have about 10 newspapers (mostly the Telegraph) from June 3rd, 1953 –

In case you were wondering the headline of page 3 of the Daly Mail reads “THE DAY is ended: Now they come out to the balcony – CLIMAX TO HAPPINESS” which is totally something I say as frequently as possible in general life. Some of my favourite pieces from this era and the war years before are the picture of Princess Elizabeth with a Labrador, looking quite happy. (Btw, in the picture to the left there is a scarf from the Silver Jubilee as well as a set of silver spoons featuring the queen on the throne, the Prince of Wales, the Orb, the gold state coach and the crown – needless to say I was born with one of these in my mouth and of course I wake up each morning cradling one between perfectly rose budded lips.)

Let’s talk Silver Jubilee, shall we? Plates, cups, silverware, accessories – Yes, there is quite a lot of Silver Jubilee action going on in my memorabilia sector. If I had to pick favourites (impossible) I’d say the silver spoons are definitely in there, however there is also a china plate that featured the Queen Mother that is intensely satisfying that was released alongside the commemorative Silver Jubilee plate. I also love the white tea mug featuring the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh (that really puts some of the new portraiture to shame, it has to be said – who authorized these photorealistic ceramics? they are not my favourite. If it’s not grainy and YE OLDEY looking already I’m a bit disappointed). I also have the official souvenir book on “Queen Mary’s Carpet”, which was published in 1950 and in case you didn’t know – I’m talking Her Majesty Queen Mary, consort of King George V and grandmother of HRH Queen Elizabeth II. So yeah pretty into that, a bit. A little sampler from the book include the following paragraphs: “A meticulously neat and tidy worker, Queen Mary keeps her own embroidery wools in order, and there are no tangled skeins in her brocade sewing bag. Blessed with excellent sight, at 82 years old she still threads her own needles…her average day is one that would certainly make the stoutest heart quail; it includes an enormous daily correspondence, with much of which Her Majesty deals herself. She writes a great many letters in her own handwriting, which is exquisite, as can be seen by the reproduction of her royal signature.”

Of course I have a great many “silly” things as well, my favourite being the paper dolls of the Prince and Princess of Wales, which includes mock-ups of the nursery of the future King of England and visitors to coo over the young Prince (or Princess perhaps – no one knew then). Hilarious. The Royal Tea bags are quite cool, and of course I have the solar-powered ever-waving HRH Queen Elizabeth II – but who doesn’t right? The wind-up Royal Racers are a must have for any collection, featuring the Queen and the Prince of Wales. I’m certain these are selling out rather quickly so do hurry to the shops before the jubilee weekend so as not to risk disappointment!

As for the rest, I include a slideshow so you can see just how bunting-crazy I really am (really!) whilst enjoying a delicious bank holiday for the Diamond Jubilee this weekend. Long(er!) Reign HRH Queen Elizabeth II!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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