No like, RoDAYoh DIIIIVE, dahling.

My life is a series of film clips that ought to have had better editing, better lighting, and a higher budget today. When did we get so much corporate cuntery possibly occurring in one non-corporate location?  How is this even? Simply must stop dating trust fund babies.  Cue me at 00:46.


Apparently this is how I am seen. LOL. Why do you think I go to all this trouble? 01:14 Answers. MmmHMM. Thats just ME, bitches.


And siiiiiigh wouldn’t you know it; this is what seems to happen to men I date… how bizarre they should all carry the same genetic predisposition…. (now… to formulate an antidote!)


I swear to me; it’s enough to send a girl packing off to Paris…


SO all in all, I’m ready for my holiday, Mr DeMille. All expenses paid, SVP. (Next stop, madhouse. CHEERIO.)

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