…..It’s basically my favourite kind of winning altogether. Had a fabulous conversation last night with the ever-incredible JDRW5 in which he disclosed delicious dishy details (…Straight Outta COSMO) about being an international sensation, fancy new postpunk haircuts, bohemian teenaged sluts, thoughts on Courtney Love’s level of sincerity, and most importantly drama drama drama (we relate, is what i’m saying)

He also reminded me that I’ve yet to share with you my latest of achievements; starring in his cinematic effort White Bread Slavery System. I say “starring” loosely because what I really mean is a fifteen-second cameo. Whatever bitches, I’m low-rent fame. JDRW5 owns (typo… WON) Best Cinematography at the Multimedia Film Festival of York Region in Canada.

Follow JDRW5 on Twitter. For your postmodern cultural SANITY.

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