Hi Internet, did you miss me?

I’ve spent a critically awesome few weeks taking a mild break, if you can call gallivanting and globetrotting a “break”, but felt it would be apropos to reverse-inundate you with my attentions (thereby disregarding you) so you’d really feel loved when I came back. Did it work?

I first travelled to Marrakech, and spent fabulous times getting to know the city and surrounding area, and loved it and my Marachi homeboys so much that I am seriously considering getting a place there. You down with Marachi? Yeah, You know me. First time in Africa and loved it to bits and pieces. I think I am the first woman ever to ride a camel sidesaddle. Go on, girl!

Then, back to Londontown for a quickie (literal? or metaphor? you be the judge) before jetting off to Barcelona for a weekend of je ne sais quoi with je ne sais qui. IMAGINE the scandal and drinks consumed to make up for Ramadan….

So in any event, let’s be friends again, yeah? MISSSSSED YOUUUUUU.



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