My wardrobe has been overflowing for some time, and my iTunes is simultaneously overflowing! Need a new laptop, babies, and unlike BRITNEY, when you say you wanna piece of me, I say “HOW MUCH”. That’s just the kind of relationship we have. It’s honest.

I was accosted by a bunch of Asian magazines for my street fashion fantasticalness which generally meshes high street, vintage and high end in a “kawaii Bladerunner-Judy Jetson-Pinup Glam-40’s though the eye of the the pop-culture post futurist” kind of way, so I am allowing everyone international to have a crack at my auction (…requests? ;D), hence the wait-time.

Here’s the deal; I’ll shortly be posting a mini shoot we did at Mansionham Palace Estate (for those of you that don’t know, that’s where I reside. It’s in Chelsea darling) and you can eye up the pieces while you eye up my piece… Er, something. Everything in the shoot is for sale, however all will be separate auctions. (contact me through eBay if you are interested in an ensemble, though many may be “sweatshirt and Louis Vuitton shoes”. THAT’S HOW SHE DO. All photos have been taken in natural light without pins/editing, and in some places, without much attention from the model, who was thinking mostly about buying a new computer and making some new musicz. You feel me?

Dates for auction will be posted shortly. Please bid lots and hook Her Royal (HELLAFUCKIN’) Awesomeness up so I can keep tantalising you in every possible which way!


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