While I wait for PayPal to authorize me (forevvvvvvvver), here is a gallery of a mini-shoot taken at Mansionham Palace Estate last weekend.  All the photos are in natural light, no retouch, although I did bring up the shadows on iPhoto where it made it easier to see the pieces on sale (but no coverup of wrinkles, tears or faults – on the GARMENT FFS – so you’ll get some awesome candid action on my face being weird as I was singing OH! YOU PRETTY THINGS).  As soon as my PayPal is sorted you’ll have the pricings (which will be as soon as I have them) and you can shop away on Asos marketplace or whatever.

Aside – I’m in the production meeting stages for a new video with JDRW5, who you’ll remember from being ridiculously awesome and with whom I have created multiple video-sins (and saviours, lets be real).  I thought it would be an apt segway (NEED to get one of those) to post HOW TO SELL YOUR KNICKERS 101, a video blog I recorded after shooting PERIOD DRAMA Episode 2 with him… You know, speaking of selling clothing, making videos and general insanity.

The highlight reel for the sale preview includes a Karl Lagerfeld gown, some purses and whatever.  If, however, you’ve happened upon this sale because you’re actually trying to buy my knickers, I suggest you make me a discreet offer in the form of the world on a platinum platter, or alternately, as a friend cleverly suggested, a jewellery collection that rivals Elizabeth Taylor’s.  HAPPY LIFE-PLANNING!

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