Happy Saturday, Loyals. Or, if you’ve been exceptionally naughty last night, drinking to excess (I always give it a toast), make that happy FATurday. …I know what you ate last drunkness!

Two terribly urgent things to disclose this morning:

1. The HRH Nikki Awesome Sale is now happening on Asos Marketplace. The end is nigh for your bankbook! Feel free to drop me any questions about the items through ASOS – though if you are planning to wear my clothes on your face, I’d really rather not know about it. Or alternately you should Vlog it. Click the link in the top-left corner (if you’re not on mobile) or if you’re too lazy, check it out HERE.

2. Production has begun on my new project TOTALLYAwesomeTV. Trailer to come soon, but feel free to like the fan page on Facebook/Twitter …Whatever.  You can hold out on liking it now to begrudgingly like it LATER (when you’re the last kid on the block), but surely this saves you the time and energy you could better devote to compiling a list of why I’m your favourite online fantasy supergirl?

Yep, this is the new promotion and believe me, I am going to live-record my reactions to each and every love-letter. This is going to be freaky deaky, sweetie. The winning letter will be read aloud, by me, on TotallyAwesomeTV, and I will compose a video moment of our special anonymous love-time together, as well as write you one back. Anonymous internet love? Hell yeah, fuck yeah!

Send missives of any description to TOTLLYAwesomeTV@gmail.com, or click the image below for a chance to win my virtual affection, and to secretly send me your true love and devotion. Hey, at least you’ll know if there’s a chance for “us”.

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