So #ThankYouForWatching me, it’s been pretty cute, and we will get back to our regularly scheduled programming of taking the piss out of household names fairly immediately, but I felt it imperative to bring you part II of PARIS: THE APOCALYPSE.

Strangely (or obviously), Parisians’ don’t care much for American/British celebrity culture, so even getting them to admit that Justin Beiber exists was impossible. Thank Lady Lagerfeld that CHANEL decided to roll Coco around in her grave a little more with the hideous monstrosity also known as “Brad Pitt’s absurdly shit commercial for CHANEL No. 5”. If you haven’t watched it, do, but try not to think of it as fashion, in case you lose your frame of reference and start walking around LIKE THAT.

See also, I am hungover to HELL-Oween after the Putney bash last night which caused quite a shake-and-stir; do you think Salman will still love me when he sees WHAT I’VE DONE? I think I may have “gone too far” on that one. Oh well, live and learn (not to cc whomever you decide to fantasy-relationship).


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