Happy Halloween, my Loyal Royals!

At the moment, I’m in Crete, doing that fabulous thing where you have no concept of time or hangover due to chronic travelling/drinking/flying/iPhone telling you arbitrarily that it’s 10 AM when it’s 6 AM GMT, which makes you all “GAHHHH” because you just had 40 cups of coffee after going to bed at 2. Very good life plan which I highly recommend. See also: exhausted. At some point this is all going to catch up and I expect to have a proper bitchfest – oh, don’t worry your pretty little head; I promise to catch it on camera.

Speaking of camera (me me me me me), have you seen the latest monstrosity in my Webisodic horrors? Haven’t you always wanted to dress up as Lindsay Lohan’s publicist’s last two years? (I know; such a common costume. Next year I promise to make more of an effort to be “less conceptual”. In fact, that pretty much stands as a New Years’s resolution to implement on the daily)

As an aside (me me me me me), I just realised I was about to tweet my 10,000th tweet. Wow. What a fucking NERD.


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