Sorry, audience, I bet you thought I’d forgotten all about you.

Impossible, darlings.  I simply had these dreadful things to attend to – common, hideous things like framing pictures and persuading my accountant that trips to far-off destinations are TOTALLY write-offable when you have a business card that says something about TV (even if it’s a total lie), and of course being generally fabulous.

Here’s part 1 of 2 from Crete, where we discuss the men of Crete and what ladies can expect when travelling solo. Spoiler alert: TOUCHING.


2 thoughts on “Better Late Than Boring

    • Hi!! I live in London, but I’ve been all over this year, Morocco, Crete, Amsterdam, Paris… Jet-setting back to Canada for the holidays in a week or so too. Lovely to hear from you, hope you’re both well xx

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