Hi Awesomes,

Have you missed me as much as I have, all my life? Please – Don’t gush in public; it’s causing a commotion.  I have been working very diligently for you – making music videos, tracks, doing interviews, causing incidents and whatnot.. I’ve barely had time to send sexy selfies to your dad, even!

So… here’s some info.

HONG KONG – I’m coming for you, but lets set the mood: as of February 25th, you can hear DOLLS on HKGFM’s Indie Underground as they’ve added a couple tracks off SECRET SULK, which is PUBLIC HOT.  Also, L.A.’s Beyond The Dawn Radio are featuring  DOLLS the same day (February 25th, draw a big heart around it ’cause your Valentine’s coming late) in a show airing 4PM PST (which works out to 7PM EST and midnight GMT …You’re welcome, math).

ALSO, Student Noodlesthe most awesome site for all things Uni and who arguably have the best way of describing food and drink since POSH NOSH (um, hi, they call it NOM & GLUG …You’re welcome, LIFE) have put together a fabulous “getting to know you” segment to celebrate all things Secret and Sulky starring DOLLS (fuck, that girl gets around).  Here’s their intensely awesome promo… What’re you waiting for, the red carpet invitation?  We both know you’ve been asking Google some pre e e e e e t t tty curious questions about me.  Why not get it out in the open, anonymously?  You can ask them via their website directly, or on twitter (@StudentNoodles) or on their Facebook (facebook.com/StudentNoodles)


We are very excited to be having our first ever Ask Me Anything with the beautiful and delightfully eccentric Nikki Awesome!

After doing some cool shit in Canada like having a Top 10 hit with You Say (It Was Supposed To Be), a Top 20 with All The Little Things and touring with Flo Rida politely refusing to blow his whistle (we think), Nikki has brought her inimitable sound and style to London.

Under the project name DOLLS, her new album Secret Sulk came out last month and is available for your listening and purchasing pleasure here: http://dollsxx.bandcamp.com/album/secret-sulk-2

Because we can’t be assed to conduct a proper interview, we want YOUR questions. Whatever you would like to ask Nikki, submit it HERE, providing it’s within the fairly flexible boundaries of decency and to a slightly less flexible degree, the law.

Then Nikki will kindly answer them, and we for one are expecting some very interesting responses which you will be able to see on this page very soon!


That’s all for now, sugarbabies, but stay tuned! xx






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