Thanks for the birthday wishes, babies.  I’m currently recording and reclining in a five-star penthouse sleep pod in Nice; returning to the land of Union Jacks tomorrow. ‘Til then, here’s a DOLLS review from Indie Bands Blog:

DOLLS is the solo performer Nikki Awesome originally from Toronto in Canada where she was signed with Warner, but who has now taken her own independent direction to strip away the shiny popsicle shell and deliver  alternative electrosynth from a launch pad in London, England.

On hitting play a rumbling beat thumps its way across the room with reminders of the electro-wave of the early ’80s then comes flooding in to the space – a darker film noir of raw synths layered by a spicy lyric that twists around the flowing sounds like a tree climbing snake twisting its way up the prey, innocuous – yet deadly.

The music sits on a fine balance that DOLLS negotiates well – smartly produced with a clear objective, yet engaging. Ably sloughing away the glossy skin of vapid pop, the audience has something musically to get to grips with. Whilst probably best consumed in a velvet-blue lit club, it plays well as audio to listen to whilst the sun is still shining.

I can understand the decision to travel to Europe to release this darkly glowing sound where a far more embracing audience exists and this is a sound that should see Nikki Awesome find a new footing from which to launch part two of her musical career. I am reminded of Delica-M who although based in Canada themselves are seeking European distribution as this too will settle down well in the edgier club scene.

I still haven’t heard any of her material from the Warner days, but you knew I wouldn’t and it was great to get an introduction soon after the launch of  DOLLS  debut LP – SECRET SULK. There was a plethora of marketing material and press releases to go with this introduction, fortunately the music speaks far louder than the vestiges of the major label hang-over PR kit, though I am sure for a cut and paste review it would serve admirably, but I couldn’t understand a word of it – maybe that is why I never deal with major label artists, too much PR Marketing guff and not enough here is the music – you decide – … but this is music I appreciate from the off and it adds an interesting layer to the weave and I look forward to hearing how the DOLLS iteration of Nikki Awesome develops.

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